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General FAQ

You must be 18 years old to become a panelist with Bright Ideas. The normal age range used in studies is typically 18-65 years old. This age range may vary depending on each study’s specifications.

Yes!  Most of our studies are in the Trumbull, CT area, panelists who reside in the US but outside of CT are able to participate in occasional online opinion surveys.

To become a panelist and start earning money for your opinions, CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately you must have a valid working email address in order to become a panelist with Bright Ideas. You email is used as your username for your panelist profile, and is also where you will receive invitations to screener surveys. You can create a free email address at popular sites such as GoogleYahoo, and Hotmail.

No. Bright Ideas conducts consumer research studies in which you are paid to give us your opinions! We will never try to sell you any products or services.

Research Study FAQ

Bright Ideas conducts several types of studies. Please see a description of each below.

  • Home Use Test (HUT): A Home Use Test is a type of study where panelists bring home and try out a product. You will pick up the product(s) from Bright Ideas and may have to return during the testing period to receive more product or to switch products.
    You may be asked to fill out a diary during the testing period regarding your habits and observations, to record yourself using the product, and/or to participate in a focus group at the end of the testing period.
    For HUTs you will only come to Bright Ideas for a brief visit where you will need to complete your first visit paperwork. This includes your Confidentiality Agreement and in some cases a questionnaire to further qualify you for the product pickup.
  • Central Location Test (CLT): A Central Location Test is a type of study where panelists come to Bright Ideas to try a product, evaluate a fragrance, or test something else at our facility. Panelists may need to fill out a questionnaire with observations, opinions, and feedback about the product they are testing.
  • Focus Group: A focus group or group discussion is a type of study where panelists come into Bright Ideas and participate in a discussion about a predetermined topic. You will be seated with other consumers like yourself and will discuss a product, concept, or idea with a professional moderator. Focus groups typically last from a half hour up to two hours. Focus Groups can consist of a one-time visit or can be combined with a Home Use Test. Focus group studies will always be preceded by a Callback Screener Survey.
  • Individual Interview: An individual interview is a type of study where panelists will come into Bright Ideas individually to be interviewed by a professional moderator regarding a predetermined topic.
  • Opinion Survey: An online opinion survey is a type of study where panelists complete a survey online about a certain topic. These surveys typically take from 10-20 minutes to complete.

To participate in a research study, you must first be a Bright Ideas panelist. To sign up, CLICK HERE. For existing panelists, Check your email! Bright Ideas will send you an email whenever there is a screener survey available for you to take. Selection of panelists is randomly computer generated.

Panelists can participate in Bright Ideas studies every 3 months, depending on the study. 
In addition, panelists can take online opinion surveys any time! They do not require a waiting period before or after completing the survey.

For each study, a group of panelists are randomly selected to receive the screener survey. All panelists must first fill out the online screener survey to see if he/she qualifies to participate. Certain screener surveys will allow qualifying panelists to schedule their appointment online. Other studies, such as focus groups, use a callback screener survey instead. In this case, if you PRE-qualify, your responses will be reviewed by a recruiter and you will be contacted by phone to determine if you meet all the requirements to participate.

A screener survey is an online survey that all panelists must fill out to see if they qualify for the upcoming study. If you do not qualify, don’t worry! No two studies are alike. You will still be able to receive screener surveys for other studies.

No. Bright Ideas does not compensate panelists for taking screener surveys. However, if you qualify for and participate in a study, you will be compensated for your time and effort.

There are a few reasons why you might not have received any surveys from Bright Ideas recently.

  1. When did you last participate? We typically require a minimum of 3 months in between participations.
  2. Is your profile information up-to-date? If you have not updated your profile recently, this could be why you are not receiving surveys from us. Please note that in order to receive ANY type of survey from Bright Ideas you MUST at least provide the following information in your profile:

    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Gender
    4. Date of Birth
    5. State
  3. If any of the above information is missing from your profile, you will not be eligible to receive surveys.
  4. Is your email address valid and current? Panelists must have a valid, working email in order to receive surveys.

Every study is unique and has its own specifications based on the client’s needs. If you did not qualify for a study, remember that no two studies are alike! If you were not needed for a study, this means we have found enough panelists who meet a specific quota such as gender, age, or panelists who use a certain product. Keep an eye out for other screener survey emails

Bright Ideas will always compensate you for your time and participation in a study. Incentives can be anywhere from $5 to $250 or more, depending on the task and length of the study.

If you participate fully and complete all parts of the study, you will be paid in in the form of a digital gift card, with your choice to select Amazon, Target or Walmart.

If you were recruited for a study but cannot make the appointment, please call or email Bright Ideas as soon as possible to let a recruiter know. You can reach a recruiter by calling 203-638-3709 or by emailing

Panelists who have not called or emailed Bright Ideas to cancel and do not show for their appointment may not be contacted again for a predetermined time period if at all. Similarly, panelists who do not fully participate will mostly likely not be contacted again for a predetermined time period if at all. This decision is the sole responsibility of the Bright Ideas manager.

Often studies are “over-recruited” to ensure there are an adequate number of consumers available to participate. The determination of who will participate will be based on those respondents who arrive promptly and who meet predetermined criteria. If you arrive at Bright Ideas within the necessary time frame and are not chosen for a study, you will be fully compensated for your time and will be eligible immediately for future studies!

At Bright Ideas, we need your undivided attention when you are here participating in a study. Children are allowed to come to product pickups and to some Central Location Tests (CLTs). For CLTs that allow children to accompany you, they need to be at least three years old and MUST stay in our waiting room. We have a big screen TV to keep children entertained, or you can bring an activity or snack for your child. In order to maintain distraction-free testing environment, under no circumstances can children come into the testing room. Children are not allowed to come to focus groups or individual interviews.

These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Bright Ideas manager. If you know you will need to bring your child with you, a good rule of thumb is to call and double check with a recruiter before coming in. You can reach a recruiter at 203-638-3709.

If you forget your product at home and have an appointment with us, please come anyways so that you can be on time for the appointment. Let us know upon your arrival what you forgot to bring with you. Depending on the study, we may be able to accommodate an alternate time for you to drop off your forgotten product/paperwork and to pick up your compensation.

If you lose a product or paperwork, please let us know ASAP by calling 203-638-3709 or emailing

Our clients look to consumers for opinions and perspectives on new or existing products or brands. Some of these ideas have not yet been released to the public, so in order to participate, you must agree to keep all concepts, products, and brands confidential.